Free Program

At Franchise Connection Group we have developed a Free Program to match you with the right brand and help achieve your dreams of business ownership. Willing to become a successful entrepreneur? Find out how can we help you! 

Our Step by Step Process


Initial discussion

The first step is deciding to work with a franchise consultant. Your contact information is kept confidential and is reviewed only by us to provide you the best opportunities.


Complete Questionnaire

We interview you and request that you complete a Confidential Questionnaire. This helps us determine what kinds of businesses match your needs and qualifications. We want to discuss your lifestyle and financial goals to identify a franchise that best meets your unique personal and professional goals.



Then we spend a few days doing our research based upon the information provided by you to determine the best franchises or business opportunities for you to further explore. Our goal is to identify 3-5 franchises that will be a potential match for you.


Brand Review

We present you with the opportunities that we have identified in our research. This meeting should accomplish two goals. First, if any of the opportunities are of interest to you, then we will arrange an introduction directly to the representative of the franchisor. This will require that you complete and submit a confidential questionnaire to be supplied to the Franchisor. 

The Confidential Questionnaire that we used in Step 2 usually is acceptable. The Franchisor wants to know that you are financially qualified to purchase their franchise, that your timeframe to buy is within reasonable limits, and that your partners or family are in complete agreement with you buying a business. This does not obligate you in any way. It simply shows the Franchisor that when you find the right opportunity you are capable of buying it.

Second, this step will allow us to clarify your goals and needs identified in Step 2, possibly sending us back through Steps 3 & 4. It is important to remember that we are presenting opportunities, but you must make the decision that is best for you and your family.

Therefore, refining the criteria for  the best opportunity for you is an ongoing process.


Introduction to Franchisor

For each of the opportunities in which you have an interest, we will introduce you to the Franchisor. The Franchisor will send materials to help you become acquainted with their business concept. The Franchisor will walk you through a series of presentations designed to provide all information needed to make an informed decision. They will also send the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which is a disclosure document for their franchise opportunity. 


Consultation with Attorney and Accountant

You should consider consulting with an attorney and an accountant before making a decision. It is important to ensure that both have a good background in franchising. We can help you find skilled professionals in your area.


Review of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

We will discuss the items that are contained in an FDD; in particular, items where you should pay close attention. You should then review the FDD in complete detail writing down any questions or concerns for discussion with the Franchisor. The FDD will contain a list of franchisees and contact information.


Attend a Discovery Day

Most franchisors have a Discovery Day, where they will invite you to their location either in-person or virtually. You will not only get crucial information for your decision but will get to meet the staff that will be providing your initial training and continuing support.

You have taken all of the steps up to this point, and now you must decide if that franchise is a good fit. The consultant will answer any final questions before you decide whether or not to move forward.

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We often hear the following questions about our Free Consultations:

Yes, it’s free. We work with hundreds of Franchisors, Licensing and Business Opportunities and even existing businesses for sale. These businesses use our services to help find qualified and educated buyers. Just as employers pay “Head Hunters” or employee placements agencies for finding them the right candidates, these companies pay us directly for helping them find the right franchisees. While our services can be invaluable, you’ll never pay anything to us, or anything additional for taking advantage of our Free Consultation.

No, never. The Franchisors that we work with understand that when we introduce a client to them, they’ve been educated about their offering. In short, they use our services to find qualified candidates who understand their business model and who have a strong understanding of their own skills.

Of course not. If at any time, and for any reason, you realize that you aren’t ready to pursue your dream, simply tell us and we’ll wish you the best. Not everyone should own their own business, so if you–or we–discover that you may be better suited doing something else, the process can stop or simply be put on hold.

You can, but you may eventually find out (often after many hours of research and waiting for information) that the Franchises that you like may not be able to meet your goals, that is why receiving help from a trained professional can streamline your search. We have direct access to hundreds of opportunities that understand and appreciate that we help our clients become better educated about business ownership. In short, we can save you a lot of time and energy while getting you in front of the right people. 

Everyone is a little different, but in general the initial call will only take 15-30 minutes. In any case, there is never a fee and when completed, you’ll have a much better understanding of what contributes to a successful business venture.